A clever tactic of Luis Milla who drove Indonesia to the semifinal

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Luis Milla
Photo: Luis Milla nuevo entrenador del Zaragoza (doc. google)

WORLD LINES.id – Indonesia successfully defeated Cambodia 2-0. Pressed in the first round, Luis Milla changed his tactics and came to fruition.

Playing in Shah Alam Stadium, Malaysia, August 24, 2017, Luis Milla re-lowered the best formation 4-2-3-1.

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With the target achieved a 3-0 victory over Cambodia to secure tickets to the semifinals. Marinus Maryanto Wanewar was played since the first minutes.

Marinus is supported by Septian David Maulan who is right behind. Meanwhile, Osvaldo Haay and Saddil Ramdani served as a right and left side comb.

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