164 People Killed in Riots in Kazakhstan

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A total of 164 people have died as a result of unrest in Kazakhstan in the past week (REUTERS/STRINGER)

KAZAKHSTAN, WORLD LINES – Kazakhstan’s Ministry of Health said 164 people had died in the unrest in the past week. The total number of victims was reported on Sunday, January 9, 2022 local time via the news channel Khabar-24.

The reported death toll is a significant increase from before. It is not known that the number is only civilians or the police are also included.

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Previously, the local government said 26 protesters and 16 security officers were killed in the riots that occurred.

Citing the AP, the Office of the Presidency of Kazakhstan said about 5,800 people were detained by police during protests over the LPG price hike that led to clashes this week. This prompted the Russian military alliance to send troops to help Kazakhstan, which is now in a state of emergency.

Kazakhstan is in chaos after thousands of people took to the streets. The government had lowered the price of LPG, but the demonstrators were not satisfied with the price reduction.

Their demands are widespread. Starting from disappointment with the government because it is considered authoritarian, rampant corruption, to socio-economic disparities.

The government then declared a state of emergency in response to the riots. They also claim to have managed to resolve the situation. However, recently the President of Kazakhstan Kassym-Jomart Tokayev ordered security forces to shoot “terrorists.”

The word terrorist refers to protesters who are considered to have rioted and rebelled.

He also declared a state of emergency in major cities such as Almaty, Mangystau and the capital Nur-Sultan since Wednesday 5 January 2022. He then renewed the status to a national emergency on the same day.

The status is valid from 5 to 19 January. The regulation will also apply a curfew from 23.00 to 07.00 am local time. Restrictions in and out of the two cities are also under strict supervision.

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